Video Modeling Project: A Journey Through the Creation and Implementation of a Social Skills Curriculum

This project adds to the growing volume of research done on the concept of using video modeling methods of teaching. In the classroom, the author experienced a need for a social skills curriculum that was engaging, personalized, and effectively covered the basic social skills needs of students within the school-wide setting. After researching the concept of video modeling, the author found the method produced positive results for students of all ages, in a variety of settings and skills. The author found in her research that the skills which yielded positive outcomes for children include but are not limited to concepts of play within the preschool setting, (Yingling Wert & Neisworth, 2003), to positive behavior intervention (Cihak, Fahrenkrog, Ayres and Smith, 2010), and pragmatics within conversation (Charlop, Dennis, Carpenter & Greenberg, 2010) in the elementary setting. The process of baseline data collection, video recording and editing, and project implementation is described by the author in this thesis project. This project yielded positive outcomes for the participating students, and it is the hope of the author that this project can be utilized as a model for teachers who wish to further pursue similar teaching methods with their own students.