An Introduction to Video Game Self-Efficacy

ABSTRACT AN INTRODUCTION TO VIDEO GAME SELF-EFFICACY by Justin D. Allan Master of Arts in Psychology Psychological Science Option California State University, Chico Fall 2010 Past research has shown that self-efficacy beliefs are an important factor in human action and motivation. Until this study, video game self-efficacy has never been directly investigated. Video game self-efficacy may be a factor in video game addiction, emotional arousal while playing video games, and aggressive behavior related to video game usage. The current study used information gathered from focus groups in conjunction with self-efficacy literature to investigate video game self-efficacy and to create the Video Game Self-Efficacy Scale. The Video Game Self-Efficacy Scale was shown to be a reliable tool that measured video game self-efficacy and was predictive of video game use. Significant correlations were found between video game self-efficacy and gender. High video game self-efficacy was also correlated with frequency of game play and the amount of time spent playing video games.