Capstone project

Assembled test structure for the new loading equipment

The objective of this project was to design a series of parts that could be assembled into various structures. The assembled structures for the design are trusses and frames in both two and three dimensions. These structures are then placed in the new load testing equipment located in the Materials Laboratory for testing. In order to connect the parts of the structure a plate and pin connection system was designed. This design allowed the beams of the truss or frame to lie on the same plane and maintain their right angle to the surfaces of the loading machine. In the truss structures the pins (threaded bolts and nuts) were assembled loosely to allow the truss connections to be free to rotate. For the frame structures these threaded nuts and bolts were tightened down to simulate a weld. This project was designed to be used in future materials labs for demonstration. Since it is simple to assemble and can be assembled into various structures as both frames and trusses it will be useful for Mechanics of Materials and Statics courses.