Bringing Families into Reading Intervention

PROJECT ABSTRACT Too many students in primary elementary school struggle with reading. Many of these students are being serviced by reading intervention specialists in the schools. Evidence suggests it is important for these specialists to get the parents and families of their students involved in their child’s education in a non-threatening and easy way. Relevant literature was researched to find out why students struggle with reading and how families can help. Straightforward, yet effective strategies and activities for home reading practice were developed and compiled in the form of a poetry notebook. By using this at home reading program, children who are struggling get the extra practice that they need with phonemic awareness, word work, phonics, fluency and comprehension. Literature indicates that extra practice improves reading levels. This program can be used without any extra preparation or materials, making it ideal to be sent home by reading intervention specialists for use by families. As a result of the uncomplicated design, families are more likely to utilize the program frequently, thereby improving the reading comprehension and levels of struggling students. Keywords: intervention, struggling, reading, phonemic awareness, words, phonics, fluency, comprehension