U.S. Caribbean Drug Trafficking Strategy: Implementation, Effectiveness, and the Future

GMA 400 - Senior Seminar Research

Drug traffickers in Central and South America have been around for decades, and the drugs they traffic are an issue not only for their home nations, but for many states around the world. States in the Caribbean and South America are home to massive and well-organized criminal organizations that transport their illegal products through their waters and over their borders. The United States (U.S.) and its allies work together to deter and capture these drug traffickers in order to keep their states safe. The U.S. utilizes its coast guard to defend its coasts, the coasts of its allies, and the Caribbean as a whole from drug traffickers. Currently the U.S. relies on using its military prowess as a deterrent mechanism to ward off potential drug traffickers, but it only works in the short term. The U.S. should not rely solely, but instead should work with weaker nations in Central and South America in order to improve their economies and security, thus making drug trafficking a less essential and reliable business for people to join.