Graduate project

The role of the vocational rehabilitation agency in the rehabilitation of the severely disabled congenitally deaf-blind

This paper deals with vocational rehabilitation services for the congenitally deaf-blind as opposed to the adventitiously deaf-blind. The reason for this is because the congenitally deaf-blind are more severely disabled and have not been adequately served by vocational rehabilitation agencies. Because of the rubella epidemic of 1963-65, there are considerably more congenitally deaf-blind individuals who need or will need vocational rehabilitation services in the very near future. This paper delves into the services that are being provided now as well as a historical overview of the vocational rehabilitation laws leading up to the present time. A final section deals with possible recommendations and solutions that could better enable the vocational rehabilitation agency to work with this population of deaf-blind individuals. These would insure more adequate and appropriate services and perhaps allow for more independent living within the community.