Managing Performance: Encouragement and Recognition of Public Sector Employees

Public sector organizations rely on their employees to meet organizational goals, achieve their mission, and make them fully functioning and effective organizations. The management of those employees will determine the effectiveness of an organization. Employees are the core of any organization and recruiting, training, and retaining talented and motivated employees is no easy task. To determine how to incentivize current public sector employees, this research takes a deeper look into factors that affect motivation. This paper aims to find how those motivational factors can increase an employee's job performance and what techniques can be implemented to accomplish that goal. Through a survey using non-probability purposive sampling, researchers will collect data regarding current public sector employee's views towards current incentive programs. Additionally, how those incentive programs motivate their job performance. It is expected to find that public sector employees want increased performance feedback that allows them to perform their job roles with all the tools they need to succeed.