Assessing local control action plans under the local control funding formula

For this thesis, I explore how Local Control Action Plans (LCAPs), under the Local Control Funding Formula, follow established administrative theory on strategic planning while also raising questions about how districts develop LCAPs. To explore these case studies, I develop an exploratory framework derived from literature on the topic, including synoptic and periodic strategic planning, executive-led versus worker-led strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement. In order to conduct this analysis, I selected the following four school districts from different locales: Folsom Cordova Unified, Dixon Unified, San Juan Unified, and Amador County Unified to identify any themes in the district LCAPs. After applying my exploratory framework to analyze my district findings, I found three different themes within the districts sampled: (a) districts’ planning committees tend to specialize in their roles, (b) human resource and material resource conditions within districts could have an impact on the development of LCAPs, and (c) districts tend to act creatively when developing their LCAPs. Finally, I conclude with a hypothesis about local control and advise on further research.