The use of a student support outline in inclusion

This study uses journal articles and research studies to identify methods in collaborative teaming to support the inclusion of students with severe disabilities in general education classrooms. It examines the implementation of a student support outline as a vehicle for planning during regularly scheduled collaboration meetings by school teams. ln addition, it discusses the application ofthe Interaction and Engagement Scale as a tool for observing and recording the interactions of students with their peers and teachers. This tool also records student engagement with tasks in the classroom setting. Each school team, consisting of special and general education personnel, developed a support plan for the inclusion of their students with severe disabilities. These support plans were reviewed at each meeting of the team and the results from the structured observations were applied during team planning for students' academic and social progress. The effectiveness of the planning was evaluated through observations and interviews of both the students and their teachers. Results ofthe study suggest that the use of a student support outline can improve the process of planning and implementing supp01ts for students.