Perceived need satisfactions of recently graduated engineers and business students

This paper reports the findings and conclusions of a study conducted to determine the perceived needs satisfactions of recently graduated Engineering and Business students working in business, industrial and government organizations. The study was conducted through use of a questionnaire answered by the represents. This questionnaire is designed to rate perceived need satisfactions of the respondent. These ratings were analyzed for a significant statistical difference between respondents in varying organizational parameter categories. A concise review of some past research in the behavioral science field is presented to familiarize the leader with the works and their import. This review begins with Mas1ow’s theory on need hierarchy, discusses research and theories of Argyris, Gellerman, Katz, Morse, Herzberg, Schaffer, Meyers, and Porter. This review aids in the understanding of this study and provides some contrasting and compatible areas from which this study can be viewed. The conclusions of this study indicate that there is no significant relationship between organizational or job parameters and the need satisfactions received by the respondents on their job.