Sustaining growth and positive school climate

The purpose of this study was to attain knowledge about educational practices and how one school community viewed the mission and core values today as they were established in the founding years of the school. The research was conducted at a single school site founded five years prior to this study. The school has been involved in several transformations since opening, including a change in leadership and educational programs, as well as reporting a decline in student achievement scores. The study proposed two questions. 1) In what ways is Apple Valley School maintaining the mission and vision statements that foster an academically enriched environment where community members work together to ensure all students to succeed? 2) How has academic growth been sustained over the initial five years at Apple Valley? Two surveys were used to determine the current school climate and the perception of the staff towards the mission and vision of the school. The results of the surveys showed an overall positive school climate and the majority of the teachers perceived that the mission and vision of the school was being fulfilled. The results also yielded areas for improvement. The areas in which teachers felt a need for improvement were providing more staff development in working with students with Individual Education Plans, and establishing more rigorous discipline policies for students. KEYWORDS: action research, elementary school, mission statement, school climate, sustaining growth, vision statement