Hitting in baseball: a guide to fundamental factors

There are definitely two basic reasons why a guidebook of this nature should he developed. First, if an individual reaches a point in his profession when he has developed a successful style of performing within that profession, it becomes his duty to relate to others his manner and method fox- such success. Ha should not do this for the sake of being imitated, -but rather for the sake of teaching from his own trial and error experiences. Second, and perhaps more important, is the fact that those individuals presently coaching at the high school level are encountering many problems similar to those which are resolved within the text of this paper. Generally, the problems revolve around the fact that the beginning coach lacks experience in coaching methods and in techniques related to developing young hitters. Hence, this guidebook should prove to be a handy and concise learning reference for the novice hitting coach. Likewise, the guidebook may serve as a new approach or an idea stimulator for the experienced hitting coach who is looking for a way to improve his coaching manner and methods.