Student Research

Engaging Activities during a Flipped Video

The purpose of this fifteen-minute demonstration is to share out-of-class activities that we have found to be effective in our own ESL college composition courses, utilizing the flipped classroom pedagogy. A flipped video on the simple present tense, which we created and used in our classrooms, will be shown via a laptop, projector, screen, and speakers. The audience will be given a note-taking sheet to be filled out during the video presentation. During certain times in the video, a note-taking symbol will appear on the screen, at which point audience members will be prompted to take notes. Activities, such as error monitoring exercises, cloze tests, and comprehension questions, will also appear during and at the end of the video to engage the viewers and test their understanding of the grammar point. We have adapted pedagogical complements (Bretzmann, 2014) for this technology to suit our purposes in an ESL higher education settings. Both the runtime of the video and activity completion with note-taking will be five minutes each. In addition, we will explain the rationale for our out-of-class activities, discuss other ideas for engagement and student accountability, and answer questions from the audience.


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