Graduate project

The deaf in the Far East

The Oriental deaf today are coming into the focus of attention of the world's deaf. This is due partly to the interest and involvement of the United States in this fast-developing area of the world and to the large number of world deaf travelers. There exists, however, a great dirth of printed material concerning the deaf in the Far East. A request received in 1961 from a deaf leader in the Philippines created my desire for more information about the deaf in other countries of the world, although previous to this time I had had some contact with the deaf in Japan and Korea. From this time until 1969, while serving as coordinator of the Deaf and Blind Ministries in the Assemblies of God Home Missions Department, I reviewed all available periodicals giving information on the deaf of the world and also wrote letters to various leaders of the deaf. Participation in the International Congress on Deaf Education in 1962 and serving as interpreter for the International Games in 1964 provided interesting and informative contacts with the deaf in various countries. En route to Korea in 1967, I visited the deaf in the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. Since that time, serving as coordinator of the Assemblies of God deaf ministries in Korea also has brought me into contact with leaders of the deaf in various Far East countries.