Effects of supervisory training on knowledge of employee assistance programs

This study investigated the effects that a training program would have on the knowledge of an Employee Assistance Program. The training was designed for supervisory and management personnel. The research questians were: (1) Will supervisors' knowledge of an Employee Assistance Program increase with training? (2) Will the Employee Assistance Program training enable the supervisor to recognize the signs of a troubled employee? (3) Does the training provide a valuable tool in aiding the supervisor to help a troubled employee? Previous studies were not discovered by this writer. However, the two studies that are mentioned in this research mainly dealt with the knowledge gained by the supervisors on alcohol and drug .abuse. These served as a basis for this study. Literature continuously suggested the importance of supervisory training but no supportive evidence could be found by this author. A total of 40 subjects, 24 males and sixteen females, participated in the study. All were in a supervisory or above position in an electronic manufacturing company based in Ventura County. All participants were administered the instrument before and after the training sessions. Analysis of covariance was computed between the experimental and comparison groups. The data did provide evidence that knowledge of the Employee Assistance Program was gained as a direct result of the training session. The percentage of change for the experimental group was a significant increase beyond the .001 level. It was concluded that the knowledge gained by the supervisors was as a result of the training and not by random learning.