The professional writing workshop series: a community service learning project for graduate students of English

What do colleges, American corporations, and state government have in common? Each spends an astronomical amount of money annually for remedial writing instruction: college campuses spend approximately $1 billion to boost freshmen writing skills; American corporations spend as much as $3.1 billion, and state governments spend approximately one quarter of a billion of taxpayers' dollars ("Most American Students Must Improve Writing," A Ticket to Work Sec A:4, A Powerful Message from State Government 6). The publicly funded university has a wealth of excellent writing resources in faculty and graduate students that if engaged could improve the overall writing health of its community. One successful means to engage students in the community is through community service learning, a pedagogy in which students serve in the community doing planned and meaningful activities that meet both a community identified need and the course's goal and objectives. At California State University San Marcos, the Office of Community Service Learning, the Literature and Writing Graduate Studies program and Human Resources and Equal Opportunity created a synergistic partnership to launch the Professional Writing Workshop Series. The series is designed for the professional working adult who wants to gain confidence in his/her writing ability. Key words: graduate students, English graduate students, community service learning, service learning, professional writing, writing projects, facilitating writing Item only available to the CSUSM community. Authentication with campus user name and password required.