An interim emergency housing development for the city of Fresno

For many years, the need for emergency housing has been a critical problem within the Fresno Metropolitan Area. By definition, emergency housing can be interpreted as being the providing of temporary shelter and services to an individual or individuals rendered homeless due to circumstances or situations beyond their control. Those most affected by this need are the poor and low-income groups, with these groups largely being people of minority backgrounds. In recent years, the need for emergency housing has become most critical due to numerous developments and occurrences within the "Greater Metropolitan Area. " These are as follows: 1. The exodus of farm workers into the Fresno Metropolitan area caused by the increase of farm mechanization and decreasing need for farm laborers. 2. The decrease in low-income housing developments. 3. The development and increase in urban renewal type programs and projects. 4. The rising unemployment rate within the area. The above instances are of major importance because they are contributing factors of homelessness.