Analytical modeling of scaling the ion-implemented silicon carbide MESFET

In this project, we report scaling the analytical modeling of ion implanted silicon carbide MESFETs. The model has been developed to obtain the intrinsic parameters such as, gate capacitances including both of the gate-source capacitances and gate-drain capacitances, transconductance and cut-off frequency considering different fabrication parameters such as ion dose, ion energy and ion range parameters, channel length and active channel depth. In order to understand the device frequency response the parameters such as gate-to-source capacitance and gate-to-drain capacitance, gate-to-source and gate-to-drain time constants, transconductance and cut-off frequency were studied. The above stated parameters are analyzed with various ion implant doses (Q) at particular ion energy. The maximum cut-off frequencies of approximately 8 GHz, 7 GHz and 5.5 GHz respectively for different ion doses of 4.5x〖10〗^16/cm^2, 1x〖10〗^16/cm^2 and 0.3x〖10〗^16/cm^2 were obtained from MATLAB software.