Poway Community Resource Guide for Families with Children with Special Needs

Over one in 10 children nationwide are supported by special education programs. Students with special needs are not alone in their need for support. Families with children with special needs can experience an increase in stress which can result in a decrease in a family’s quality of life. Family quality of life involves various factions and dimensions. Five key areas have been identified as having a significant impact on a family’s quality of life. Previously, educators focused on students centered practices. However, research and policy have moved toward family-centered practices. Supporting the entire family can be beneficial for everyone involved and educators understand its importance. Communication, commitment, and information are methods that educators employ to support families, leading to the development of positive school home partnerships. Positive school home partnerships are beneficial to students and considered a requirement within IDEA. Designed to make available useful resource information available to parents, and to facilitate communication and distribute noteworthy information, the Poway Resource Guide for Families with Children with Special Needs provides local resources for each domain found to impact a family’s quality of life, as well as an alphabetical list of all included resources. Keywords: family quality of life, community resources, school home relationships.