Observations on food use and nutritional knowledge of elderly Koreans

This study was designed to assess nutritional knowledge of elderly Korean men and women, their meal patterns, and their use of American versus traditional Korean foods. This researcher interviewed with 50 elderly Korean men and 50 elderly Korean women. The interview schedule contained questions regarding food habits, shopping habits, nutritional knowledge, and demographic information. Using the t-test, no significant difference was found in the nutritional knowledge of elderly Korean men and the women. Using chi square, there was no significant relationship between education levels and nutritional knowledge. In adaptation of American food, 48 percent of elderly Korean men and 70 percent of the women ate an American style breakfast. On their birthdays 66 percent of elderly Koreans, on New Year's day 77 percent of elderly Koreans, and on Choosuk (Full Moon) 57 percent of elderly Koreans ate traditional Korean food. On thanksgiving day 47 percent of elderly Koreans tried an American food.