The perceptions of school safety by the teaching staff at La Costa Canyon High School

The purpose of this project is to determine if there is an underlying perception of safety risk and potential violence present among the La Costa Canyon High School (LCCRS) teaching staff. This study examines and discusses the implications for schools and administrators in dealing with the challenges our society has placed on schools today. The study was designed to survey each teacher in regard to his/her perception of safety at LCCRS. The project was developed and accomplished as follows: First, research was conducted to reference other studies completed on the perceptions of teachers. Second, survey questions were created for the LCCRS teaching staff and test-piloted in a Research -EDUC 622 class at California State University, San Marcos. Content changes were made to make the survey easier to administer and answer. Third, the survey was test-piloted with the LCCRS administrative team including the athletic director, head counselor, head librarian, head testing coordinator, police officer, principal, and three assistant principals. Rere, minor structural changes were made in order to more easily administer and answer the survey. Fourth, the survey was distributed to and completed by the LCCRS teaching staff at a monthly staff meeting. Information resulting from the survey was distributed to the LCCRS Safety Committee in order to facilitate changes and improvements for the increased safety of staff and students. Results of the survey demonstrate pronounced views held by the LCCRS teaching staff of perceived violence and safety risk. Sixty-one percent of respondents perceive there to be a safety risk in various forms and as the result of differing causes.