Confessions of a wheel worshiper

I feel a creative impulse. That mystical, often mythic, motivation, that some say, sets the artist apart. Lucy Lippard, in “Six Years and the Dematerialization of Art” says …”They (artists) are such in that they choose to effect". Though the source of the quote is controversial to some art critics, it felt right when 1 read it. I have always chosen to effect those around me. The media I choose and their demensional realization are always secondary to the effect I wish to convey. If I state I'm an artist, people often ask, "Oh, you're an Artist? What do you do, Sculpture? Oh, do you work in stone?" For them the medium is the first concern, but not necessarily more import than the message, or the lack of one. I like the idea of Art that can be omni-lingual. People sometimes demand more information from my art than I wish to communicate, seeking perhaps something more profound, maybe frustrated by what they think is an inability to understand my "Language". I believe that as an artist it is my responsibility to supply the stimulus or juxtaposition of stimuli in choosing o effect. I am a conceptualist ho has chosen not to reject the object, knowing that I am free to reject it when it does not suit my purpose. Sometimes an object will stimulate the creative impulse and other times a thought or group of thoughts will cause me to manifest them in an objective manner. (See more in text.)