Hospital communications : a study in direct correlations

A study of the statistical correlation between answers given by a randomly selected population of hospital personnel to a communications measuring questionnaire and assumed budget, work performance, and personnel morale indicators was conducted. The questionnaires were designed to measure verbal and written communications, both formal and informal, involving four groups of personnel. The groups were: executives, managers, staff, and employees. The responses to the questionnaire were coded and placed into a Statistical Program for the Social Sciences computer program for analysis. Also placed into the program were certain assumed measures of employee performance from a morale and budget perspective. These included turnover rates by department and three values derived from standardized statistics from the Commission for Administrative Services in Hospitals (CASH). The program was then run and the resulting tabulations and correlations between these factors analyzed. The testing of the hypothesis resulted in a significant statistical correlation between communication questionnaire responses and performance indices, including turnover rate, deviation from projected budgets, and hours required to complete a certain task. The study recognizes the potential for error in statistical interpretation, and stresses the importance of a careful review of the findings for any associations drawn.

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