Vocabulary Development and Instruction: A Handbook for Primary Grade Teachers

ABSTRACT VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT AND INSTRUCTION: A HANDBOOK FOR PRIMARY GRADE TEACHERS by Mary B. Alldrin Master of Arts in Education Reading/Language Arts Option California State University, Chico Fall 2010 The purpose of this project was to identify what current research suggests regarding effective methods of vocabulary instruction for primary grade students and to create a handbook to assist and guide primary grade teachers in implementing a comprehensive vocabulary development program that uses direct, explicit, rich and effective vocabulary instruction to promote children’s abilities to learn to read and write successfully. The handbook was intended to be helpful to teachers who use the California English- Language Arts state standards and fulfill a need by providing extra support for the adopted language arts text, specifically in the area of vocabulary. The project presents a concise handbook about vocabulary instruction for primary grade teachers. It is designed to inform primary grade teachers of the need for and viii significance of vocabulary instruction in kindergarten through third grade. The handbook shares current research about the relationship between vocabulary knowledge and reading achievement. A variety of activities, practices and programs are described to help aid the teacher in creating a comprehensive vocabulary program for their primary classroom.