Only Language To Describe...

"The Only Language To Describe..." enters the spaces of familial relationships, existence and decreation as if these extenstions of identity were mathematical problems. Each line contains it's own equation trying to understand and answer uncertainty and how to navigate through pain, language and the search for self identity in fragments. The language and the form expand across the page in a display of linguistic wit and theoretical charm, as the reader and the speaker question the logic of fissure and the division within it. Since language can only hold an image and an emotion for so far before it is up to connotation to guide the words into order. Stanzas are turned to limbs lisping in alliteration; constructing the brain through diagraming thoughts. The body is used describe objects in ways that are not congruent to normal speech or symbols. This gives the poem a vast and unending feeling as though every diagram and tree is meant as a new meaning. Every mistake becomes a word or line in pain and gets divided in the paradigm that is childhood.