Incorporating staff development opportunities to enhance employee fulfillment

Nonprofit organizations often rely on nonmonetary incentives to increase employee satisfaction, motivation, and retention. Understanding the impact of different types of nonmonetary opportunities can allow those in leadership positions in the field of public administration to prioritize these strategies. This graduate project proposes a randomized trial with an independent samples t-test to explore a component of nonmonetary incentives-staff development opportunities-and its direct impact on nonprofit employees' job fulfillment, which is defined as a sense of purpose (or meaning), growth (or achievement), and satisfaction. Previous research examination of these topics in the literature report that increasing workplace satisfaction and feelings of fulfillment as a result of work could contribute to improved mental health and wellness, enhanced job performance, increased job retention, and a higher quality of service provided. The research aim of this proposed study is to understand the impact of a staff development program on workplace fulfillment. Using survey data gathered from a nonprofit organization, this graduate project will determine the impact of a staff development program vs. a comparison condition on employees' fulfillment at two different points in time: before participating in either the staff development program or comparison condition (pre-test) and following completion of the staff development program or comparison condition (post-test). Study findings will offer nonprofit supervisors and leaders insight into whether staff development opportunities can strengthen employees' workplace fulfillment. Further research is recommended to understand whether there are other factors of staff development experiences that are associated with fulfillment, such as the topic of staff development activities, the environment, and the level of autonomy staff have to select the topic. Keywords: staff development, professional training, staff education, employee satisfaction, and job fulfillment.