The Effects of Reading Fluency Logs and Parent Education on Students' DIBELS Scores Reading

Reading improvement in early years of schooling is a goal that teachers, parents and administrators have for all students. Reading growth influences all academic areas as it is foundational to all subject matters. Administrators and teachers are always looking for ways to extend student reading time, and to have parents partner with them in achieving this goal. Districts and schools use various tools to measure students’ reading growth upon implementation of strategies and different curriculum. This research examines the use of reading fluency homework logs among first and second graders at an elementary school in California. The logs are sent home weekly and require parents to monitor their child’s reading, and elicit a signature before being turned in to teachers at the end of the week. To examine the benefits of these logs, this research correlated the proportion of signed reading logs in the two grades, to growth in DIBELS reading assessment test, a test given three times yearly to measure students’ growth in reading.