Perception of Social Work in Acute Settings

This study inquires on the perceived and experienced role of the social worker in an acute healthcare setting and how this affects multidisciplinary care. Methodology involved collecting qualitative and quantitative data from social workers and various clinical/non-clinical staff in two hospitals located in Los Angeles County and Ventura County, respectively. Previous studies are minimal, yet there exists a significant need to discuss social work practice that occurs within a medical model setting amongst medical professionals. The social work profession stands as one of the few roles in acute care whose educational curriculum does not include medical academia, however, social work plays a significant position in multidisciplinary treatment planning and contributes to higher quality of care. Findings suggest that in a multidisciplinary environment, social workers roles are acknowledged to a moderate degree, and a further understanding of the scope of social work practice may benefit the effectiveness of multidisciplinary teams in an acute setting.

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