Demonstration of meeting the 2014 council for the accreditation of counseling and related educational programs core and the student affairs/college counseling specialty standards via one major artifact

The purpose for the following major artifact is to address a selected 2014 CACREP standard. Each selected CACREP standard focuses on knowledge and application for diverse students in higher education. The major artifact includes student population themes and applicable theory that resulted in student support. Through my experience in writing this major artifact, I have increased my competency in the Social and Cultural Diversity CACREP standard. In addition, the major artifact has contributed to my professional development when working with students by becoming aware of their needs and how their needs can be appropriately supported. The major artifact for Core 2 - Social and Cultural Diversity focused on students with learning disabilities (LD) and self-advocacy. In order for students with LD to self-advocate, they need to accept their disability, understand what their disability is, and how to communicate it to others. Sanford's Challenge and Support Model (1966) can apply to students with LD. Institutions challenge students with LD in their learning as they seek for campus resources such as accommodation, and explain their disability for additional support. Through the access of transitional social support programs, faculty, peer mentoring, and career training, LD students learn to overcome their challenges through their self-advocacy. Major artifacts are part of a larger project that also includes reflections demonstrating my competence with the 2014 CACREP standards. As a counselor-in-training and paraprofessional, I have developed an awareness and understanding of the different factors contributing to a student's academic, career, and personal development. With the knowledge and skills that I have gained in the College Counseling and Student Services Program, I am confident in my abilities to provide the necessary tools and support for students to succeed.