Effects of video interventions on perceptions of mental health stigma in Latino college students

Mental health stigma affects a large number of people in the world today. However, video-based interventions have helped improve attitudes about those with mental illness. This study evaluated the effects of a one minute video and participants’ ethnicity on perceptions of mental health stigma. Contrary to what was hypothesized, the anti-stigma video had a negative influence on perceptions of mental health stigma for both Latino and Caucasian participants. A significant effect was found in the scores of measures for the experimental group versus the control group. We observed that people’s perceptions around mental health stigma and help seeking behavior were negatively influenced. Previous research has used 75 to 85 minute video interventions, further research is needed to see if the desired impact could be accomplished with videos longer than a minute, but shorter than 75 minutes. Limitations of this study for future anti-stigma interventions are also discussed.