Perseverance: A Qualitative Critical Autoethnography of the Experiences of a Middle-Aged Latino Pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Higher Education Leadership at a Hispanic-Serving Institution

This qualitative critical autoethnography represents a highly personalized account of the emotions, experiences, and motivations of a middle-aged Latino engaging in a courageous storytelling and narration about higher education and perseverance. Using myself as the researcher-participant, my experiences, motivations, and culture in a Hispanic-serving educational institution is depicted autoethnographically. Exploring the development of my critical consciousness tells a partial story of how I persevered in graduate school as a middleaged Latino, and what my experiences represent for others who may be like or similar to me. As a middle-aged Latino student, I reveal my story as an insider-outsider trying to assimilate, and persevere at Southern Western Coastal University (SWCU). This critical autoethnography reflects my lived experiences and offers meaningful insight to students enrolled in a Master of Arts degree program in higher education leadership.