Graduate project

Hmong American Success within the Central Valley

This graduate project was created from an observed need of the communities in the Central Valley to hear the experiences of Hmong Americans and their success. This graduate project aimed to create a short documentary film that explores lived experiences of four individuals who are deemed success, defined by Joseph A. Klinge in Hmong American Experience: The Definition of Success in American. In creating this film, six individuals were identified and asked to participate in the graduate project. Four of the six individuals: Paul Lo, Panhia Moua, Kimiko Vang, and Jerry Yang, were interviewed and met one-on-one to share and record their journeys. This short documentary film explores the definition of success, culture, higher education, and family support in order to educate the communities on who Hmong Americans are. The four individuals share their views and experience on success in the Central Valley, culture and family roles, all while encouraging young Hmong American youth to work towards higher education and to stay hopeful on finding success in the Central Valley.