Olympic Games Medals Count Analysis Summer and Winter Olympic Games

More than 35,000 medals have been awarded at the Olympics since 1896. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) retrospectively awarded gold, silver, and bronze to athletes based on their rankings. The dataset we used covers Summer Olympics from 1896to2012andWinter Olympicsfrom 1924-2014;eachyear includesarowforevery Olympic athlete that haswon a medal since the frstgames. Also, this dataset has each IOC country’s population and GDP in 2012 to 2014. This report has four main analysis parts. The frst part introduces the base information about Olympics. In the second part, we explore the basic analysis about Summer and WinterOlympics.Thethirdpart consistsofjointanalysisofboththeSummerandWinter the Olympic Games. The fourth part, involving the number of medals in the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, will be explored. At the same time, in order to reveal the relationship between the number of medals and the basic characteristics of each country average high temperature in winter and GDP per capita were introduced in 2012 and 2014. The relationship between the average high temperature in winter and GDP per capita affects the number of medals a country obtains.