Haiti is a nation of artists

In January 2010, Port Au Prince, Haiti was stuck by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake that killed over 200,000 people. This tragic event devastated Haiti but also highlighted the resilience and strength of its people. Although much was lost for many in the earthquake, artists utilized available resources to create art that was uplifting. Haitian art is perceived to be naïve and primitive in the art world. The basis of my short documentary project is to challenge such negative ideals and showcase the vast artistic talents that Haiti has to offer. Over the past four years, I conducted video interviews of Haitian artists, gallery owners, and academics both in Haiti and across the United States and discovered the untold history and diversity of Haitian art. Through this short video art documentary I will show the humanity of the Haitian culture and how the Haitian Diaspora is using art to uplift their country and themselves.