Inpatient rehabilitation for a patient following a right total hip arthroplasty

A patient with a right total hip arthroplasty was seen for physical therapy treatment for 30 sessions from 7/13/15 to 8/17/15 at a sub-acute inpatient physical therapy clinic. Treatment was provided by a student physical therapist under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The patient was evaluated at the initial encounter with the Numeric Pain Rating Scale, manual muscle testing, Berg Balance Scale, 10 meter walk test and measured walking distance, and a plan of care was established. The main goals for the patient were to decrease pain, improve strength, increase gait speed and walking distance, improve dynamic balance, and perform a community outing without assistance. The main interventions used were: functional, task specific strength training; gait training on level, uneven surfaces and stairs; and balance training in different environments. The patient improved pain levels, strength, balance, gait speed, ambulation distance, functional independence, and community mobility.