A Streetcar Named Desire : an M.A. thesis-project in directing

The decision for an M.A. thesis-project in directing was made in October, 1976. Because directing is an integral part of my professional objectives, I desired the academic sanction of my directing skills through my M.A. program at California State University at Northridge. I wanted to make my course work applicable to the project but at the same time attempt a directing approach I had never taken before. I was a member of Dr. James Brock’s seminar on Tennessee Williams in 1976 and thus satisfied my first intention by selecting A Streetcar Names Desire. I deemed it mere exciting if staged arena or in-the-round style than the “fourth-wall” staging for which it was written and thereby satisfied my second intention. By December l, the thesis committee was formed, a thesis-project proposal formulated, a production staff organized, successful screening by the Acting-Directing Area Committee attained, and a LAB Theatre slot for May 11-15, 1977, awarded. The thesis-project proposal contains a brief statement of my general directorial approach as well as an initial production concept. (See more in text.)