Masters Thesis

Implementation strategies for a public awareness plan for the City of Bakersfield Industrial Pretreatment Program

Federal, state and local environmental regulatory agencies guide the activities of the City of Bakersfield Wastewater Industrial Pretreatment Program. The goals of one of those agencies, the California State Water Resources Control Board is to educate the public about water quality issues. An evaluation of public awareness activities used by the City of Bakersfield Wastewater Industrial Pretreatment Program found that industrial waste inspectors would like to expand their public education and awareness efforts beyond commercial entities. Public education and awareness efforts can educate the public on the proper ways to dispose of pollutants and the effects of discarding pollutants down storm drains and sewers. The Wastewater Division currently does not have a public awareness plan to guide the public awareness effort. This study includes a literature review that examines the effectiveness of public awareness methods at changing behavior of the target audience in environmental matters. The review found public awareness and education alone may not change behavior of a target audience in matters of the environment. Implementation of a planned public awareness campaign is still recommended for the industrial pretreatment inspectors engaging in public awareness activities over the current ad hoc method because a planned campaign can serve as a blueprint and guide. Implementation strategies that industrial waste inspectors can use to create a public awareness plan are included in this report. Creating a public awareness plan that outlines what to do and how to do it is a major part of a public awareness plan. A public awareness plan can guide the efforts of public awareness efforts allowing for efficient and effective use of limited public resources.


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