Enhancing self-efficacy in Mexican-American families

The purpose of this project is to provide a strengths based program for Mexican-American families experiencing a transition from elementary school to junior high school. This project focuses on the construct of self-efficacy as a resiliency factor in Mexican-American families during the transition into adolescence, and the special implications to be considered in the Mexican-American population. There are programs that focus on building adolescent capacity and parent-child relationships during the early years, but there are a lack of culturally sensitive programs implemented that focus on the family as a unit during adolescence. This program, Enhancing Family Self-Efficacy: A Strengths Based Approach, is a research based, comprehensive program intended to promote positive family functioning within Mexican-American families who have a child or children entering adolescence. It was designed to be implemented the summer before students enter middle school, which has been shown to be a transitional time for families across cultures and ethnicities. The goals of this program are to enhance self-efficacy in Mexican-American families through a series of workshops that will focus on the parents and child as active participants of the family dynamic. The present project is the completion of culturally sensitive adult and adolescent workshops that facilitators can implement with Mexican-American families experiencing a transition in settings.