Mother: was--is--will be: an attitudinal change

Women as mothers are in emotional pain; they want to understand the pain and to be released from it. The roots of mother are examined through the ancient myths and archetypes of mothers as described by ancient cultures. The author believes mother started here and all subsequent definitions, myths, and religions were derived from these basic elements. The manifestation of these roots in today's world are then examined both on an impersonal, analytical level and on a personal, emotional level. The modern images, myths, attitudes, studies, and observations are constantly examined from these two perspectives. The emphasis is on women's experience of mother, not how men view women's experience of mother. The theory that is developed is that women have become disconnected from the basic elements of mother. The theory also states that women had given their power to the myth, man, and the institutions of society to define mother for them. The reader is taken through the process of reexamining mother, witnessing the change. More than a new definition evolves, there is an attitudinal change toward mother.