E-Governance and its associated cybersecurity: The challenges and best practices of authentication and authorization among a rapidly growing e-government

There are a number of changes implemented day-to-day within the public sector, all with the ultimate objective towards developing increased effectiveness and efficiency of public services. Among the greatest transformations has become the rapid progression of information technology (IT) as an improvement of government performance. This has led to what the public sector refers to as “e-government”, which is essentially the use of information and communication technologies by the government for positive provision of information and public services. E-government has introduced actions such as downloadable forms and online transactions, which has placed dependency on cyberspace – an area of “business” not many are familiar with, especially in the field of security within the digital world. Therefore, this paper discusses the meaning of cybersecurity through the lens of digitally implemented and improved public goods and services, with the anticipation of identifying best practices among e-government and its associated cybersecurity needs.

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