Masters Thesis

A comprehensive annual community survey proposal for the Bakersfield, California Police Department

This paper proposes a comprehensive annual community survey for the Bakersfield, California Police Department. The proposed community survey will annually measure community attitudes and perceptions of the BPD to monitor improvements or changes in perceptions. The proposed comprehensive annual community survey consists of five sections: (1) Community Perceptions on Police Mistreatment, Misbehavior, and Bias; (2) Community Perceptions of Police Efficacy; (3) Overall Experience of Police-Citizen Contact; (4) Overall Satisfaction with the Bakersfield Police Department; and (5) Demographic Information. Results from the survey will be used to enhance the effectiveness, productivity and professionalism of the BPDs police services, as well as highlight outstanding community issues. This proposed comprehensive annual community survey will serve to foster a collaborative and positive relationship between the BPD and Bakersfield residents. This is especially needed as there have been numerous of highly publicized police involved shootings across the U.S. that have underscored the importance and significance of police-community relations.

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