My role as a juvenile probation officer and counselor

I am presently employed as a juvenile probation officer with the Los Angeles County Probation Department. My primary responsibility is to the juvenile court. This role often comes into conflict with my responsibility as a counselor who has a commitment to a boy and his family. As a probation officer I must set and try to enforce limits on a boy's behavior for his own safety or that of the community. As a counselor I must create an environment in which a boy can grow and learn over a period of time to behave appropriately. A boy's growth toward a healthy and well-adjusted person is an individual and personal act. When society's timetable for change is faster than that of the individual's a conflict arises. In this report I am presenting the probation program I have developed which I feel takes advantage of the strengths of both the probation officer and counselor roles. In addition, this report includes an evaluation of eighteen boys who have been involved in my program.