What are the effects of the Just Say Know error analysis method on third grade students' multiple-choice mathematics exams?

Teachers and school leaders have the responsibility to improve academic achievement, but lack research-based corrective instructional strategies linked to multiple-choice assessments. Dr. Sandy Sanford's "Just Say Know" error analysis/corrective instruction method was studied via experimental design with two groups of third grade student subjects and their teachers. Two trials were conducted with Harcourt's California Math series. Quantitative data correlated this method with statistically significant achievement gains in both trials (p < .05). Qualitative data indicated that participating teachers support the "Just Say Know" method and will continue to use it. The researcher recommends further larger scale study of the method, and that school leaders allocate time for teachers to study and implement this corrective instruction method to improve student learning. KEYWORDS: corrective instruction; education, elementary; educational leadership; instructional strategies; item analysis; mathematics, elementary; multiple-choice examinations