Inclusion case study: a student with autism

The purpose of this study was to examine whether Peter, a student with Autism could show improvement in off-task behaviors and math academics while included in the general education setting. Peter is a first grade student in a special day non-severe classroom in a school district in North County San Diego. Inclusion was determined by an IEP (Individual Education Plan) team to place Peter with typical peers as role models of appropriate classroom behaviors. The data was taken over a three week period on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for three hours each day in the general education setting. The study analyzed information taken from behavior observation data collection, interviews from the parent, general education teacher, one-on-one aide, and the student. Work samples in math prior, during, and post the inclusion study were also analyzed to determine whether the student had made academic growth. The math skills that were analyzed were telling time to the nearest half-hour, adding and subtracting numbers and money. The data collection demonstrated that Peter improved in off-task behaviors along with academic growth in math.