Feasibility of the Application of Semantic Web Ontologies To Enhance Question Answering Systems in Practical Domains

This thesis focuses on applying a Semantic Web ontology to a QA system to determine if the data returned provides useful and meaningful answers to the questions. A system of this type can be used in the creation of a QA system that provides context-relevant answers to a natural language question. In this, I provide a field overview to discuss concepts relevant to the semantic web and question answering, as well as provide context in the form of existing question answering systems. I describe the design implementation and operational concepts of the Academy QA, a question answering system that depends on an OWL Ontology known as the Academy Ontology. I explain the automatic processes used to classify the question, and construct useful answers to those questions. I construct a series of trials for the system, and analyze the results of the system's operations. Finally, I compare the Academy QA system to several existing question answering systems, and discuss potential future work based on this system.