2020 Wind Turbine Final Report

The goal of this senior design project is to design and build a wind turbine for the US Department of Energy’s 2020 Collegiate Wind Competition. The design of this turbine will be broken down into five sections: Aerodynamic design, control design, electrical design, generator design, mechanical design. The aerodynamic design responsible for designing the turbine blades that will harness the energy of the wind. The control design team is responsible for designing the software controls of the system. The electrical team will design or purchase the necessary electrical components to complete the electrical system. The generator team will design a custom generator to maximize power output and the cut-in ability of the turbine. Lastly, the mechanical design team is responsible for designing the components that will house the generator and connect it to the blades. This year’s design hopes to improve the cut-in windspeed relative to past competitions. The design of this turbine is focused around custom generator. The main reasoning behind building a custom generator is the ability to remove cogging torque which impedes the turning of the turbine blades. The load of the turbine system was chosen to be a resistor. This will allow for positive power to be supplied to the load at low wind speeds. The power output of the turbine will be controlled by a variable pitch system operated by a linear actuator. To comply with safety guidelines the turbine will be able to break itself through the pitching of the blades or by shorting the three phases of the generator. The turbine blades will be a combination of the SD 8064 and GOE 195 airfoils to maximize torque and the conversion of wind power to mechanical power. The control system will only take affect at windspeeds greater than 11 m/s where it will be used to maintain power at the turbine’s rated power output.