The Impact that Social Media has on Males

Adults ages 18-30 spend an estimated ten hours a week on social media accounts (Sales, 2018). According to Perloff (2014), the media plays a huge role in the negative communication of cultural stereotypes about aesthetics of body image. It was hypothesized that social media messages have a negative effect on men age's 25-30 self-perception of their body attributes. The population was a convenience sample of men ages 25-30. The total number of respondents whom completed the survey were 25 men. A survey was constructed to collect data on current men's view and their perception of body attributes, through social media messages. Participation in the survey was anonymous and voluntary. In order to determine if the hypothesis, stating that social media messages have a negative effect on males' self-perception of their body attributes who are between the ages of 25-30, a Person's Chi-Square was conducted to test the significance of the data. The results of the Chi-Square test concluded that the data collected was shown to be insignificant. Analyzing the descriptive statistics of the data also showed that there was no impact on males, due to the sample size. Findings highlight how there was no negative effect between social media messages and men's self-perception of their body attributes.