Parents and teachers perceptions on academic gains after the treatment of Fast ForWord® of students with auditory processing deficits

The purpose of this study was to examine parents and teachers perceptions of the Fast ForWord® language intervention program had on students identified with auditory processing deficits on improving their academic skills. Data was collected from three primary sources, parent surveys, teacher surveys, and teacher interviews. The data collected was from various schools in a large southern California coastal school district and was used to help determine if a large inland southern California school district would implement it. Fast ForWord® has been in use for a relatively short time compared to other language intervention programs and there are many researchers that don't believe that the positive scores from the products inventors are valid. This research study consisted of approximately five weeks of analysis and it was deemed partially successful from parents and teachers at best, but did not yield a positive affirmation to the question of Fast ForWord® improving the academic skills of students with auditory processing deficits. Key words: Fast ForWord®, auditory processing deficits, perceptions, reading