Courageous hope : critical leadership praxis of Pin@y Educational Partnerships

By using auto-ethnography and extended case study to frame the qualitative methodology, this dissertation examines the philosophy and practices of the Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP). Derived from Tintiangco-Cubales’ (2010) Critical Leadership Praxis, a theoretical framework drawing from critical pedagogy and transformative leadership, is used to present a model for critical leaders’ praxis that ♦ focuses on a relationship to oneself and community to challenge social injustice and educational inequities. This study uncovers the stories of seven PEP leaders and how their leadership practices and philosophies have transformed as critical leaders of PEP. Three eminent themes emerged: home, healing, and hope. PEP leaders found a sense of home by uncovering a supportive network of PEP teachers and students. The teaching and learning of critical pedagogy and Filipina/o American history provided a form of healing that connected the trauma of colonialism in relation to current community problems and the possibilities for hope to develop a sustainable lifelong pursuit for social change.