Graduate project

A study to determine the difference in the desired characteristics of leadership as determined by hearing and hearing-impaired individuals

It was the purpose of this study to determine the qualities of leadership desired by a hearing impaired person and compare them with those desired by a hearing person. The writer developed a questionnaire by utilizing the "three-skills" approach of Katz (human, technical and conceptual). She divided these skills into ten characteristics that best represent each one of the three skills. Seventy respondents completed the questionnaire. The respondents represent the hearing and hearing impaired students at California State University, Northridge. The analysis of the data obtained by each item on the 70 completed questionnaires was presented in nine tables. Each was given a rank of importance from one to ten, with one as the most important and ten as the least important, This was then multiplied by the numbers 'of respondents in each item and then added for a total score. It can be concluded that the hearing and hearing-impaired groups share many similarities in the characteristics they considered most and least important in the human, conceptual and technical skills.